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Fighting Mississauga traffic tickets is our forte. TRAFFIC LAW PARALEGAL SERVICES will fight all Highway Traffic Act and related offences such as:

Ticket Classifications

If you have been found guilty of the violation, a conviction is entered by the court and registered on your driving abstract. Insurance companies can view your driving record and able to see not only how many tickets you had but also what type of violations. All convictions that are recorded on your drivers abstract will be classified as either minor, major or serious. This classification is arguably one of the most important factors in assessing your insurance premiums. Skilled defence representative can help you minimizing its impact.

Consequences of a Traffic ticket

Accumulation of Demerit Points registered to your driving record can result in a suspension of your drivers licence causing significant increase in your insurance premiums. Highway Traffic Act outlines many infractions that carry mandatory licence suspensions if convicted. Demerit points are even more important for novice drivers holding G1, G2, M1 and M2 class of licence (or its combinations). Protect your insurance rates and allow us to fight your charges to protect your record.

During a driving career, most motorists will experience situations of fighting tickets or being involved in accidents. In many collision situations, the driver believed to be at fault is charged with an offense. Careless driving tickets are often used as a default charge. You should know that being at fault of a collision and being acused of the violation are two different concepts. Do not rush to "Plead Guilty" to the allegations! Remember, it is only an ALLEGATION that an offence was committed. We urge you to become "INFORMED" of consequences of the conviction and explore available defences to the allegations. The prosecution has a burden of PROVING the case beyond reasonable doubt. Convictions are registered on your driving record, affect your insurance premiums, cause loss of demerit points and/or suspension of your driving license.

Please complete a FREE CONSULTATION and we will contact you to discuss a strategy of fighting your case in Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto or other municipalities.

Fighting traffic tickets

TRAFFIC LAW PARALEGAL SERVICES demonstrates knowledge and professionalism throughout the process. Having spent many years inside a courtroom, we have implemented various defense strategies and gained a solid reputation.

If you received a traffic ticket you can use this online tool to check status of your case.

We go an extra mile for our clients:

  • Provide initial consultation
  • Identify and explore available defences
  • Prepare all necessary documentation
  • Secure all available evidence
  • Prepare necessary constitutional arguments
  • Argue a trial
  • Pursue an Appeal if necessary

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What we do

Traffic Law Paralegal Services has been defending traffic violations and summary criminal offences in Ontario for almost two decades.

At Traffic Law you will receive experienced and competent representation fighting traffic and criminal charges (summary offences). Most common allegations include careless driving tickets, stunt driving, no insurance and more.

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About Traffic Law Paralegal Services

Serhiy Senatorov is an owner of Traffic Law Paralegal Services, former vice-president of Licensed Paralegals Association (Ontario), former vice-president and one of the founding board members of the Ontario Paralegals Association and a regular speaker on continuing professional development in a legal community.

Serhiy Senatorov is providing trusted and reliable defense in Ontario and confident to help you.

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