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Stop sign tickets are very common offences investigated by the police. Traffic Law Paralegal Services will help you identify all available defences and argue your matter in court to secure best outcome of this traffic allegation. In Mississauga stop sign violation is one of a very common charges. Often we are able to have these charges withdrawn by the prosecution or resolved to keep your record clean. In some cases where resolution is not available or simply does not advance your goal we will conduct a trial and argue your stop sign case to be dismissed.

Stop Sign Ticket Penalties

If a driver is convicted of this offence the penalies include:

  • 3 demerit points
  • Conviction on driving record for 3 years
  • A fine
  • Insurance increase

In cases of stop sign violations where evidence against you is strong, there are still opportunities to protect your record and often keep it free of convictions and demerit points. We see it every day how unrepresented persons make mistakes and lose charges that should have been dismissed. Do not risk of making a mistake and let professional representative properly defend your stop sign ticket.

Stop sign tickets are fairly straight forward and in most cases the evidence is limited to the observations of a single police officer. It is absolutely important to speak to the professionals at Traffic Law Paralegal Services to learn applicable defences to this traffic ticket. In many situations evidence either lacking or does not conform to the legal requirement. Generally, at trial it is officer's evidence against yours. There is no requirement to have any physical evidence, your testimony is as reliable as the police version. Strong cross-examination and persuasive arguments will provide you with a chance of winning your case.

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