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If you received a speeding charge, you need a reliable representative. We fight speeding charges in Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto and other GTA courts.

Defending a speeding ticket is a technical task. These offences are considered absolute liability offences. The prosecution only needs to prove that you were exceeding a speed limit; you cannot exonerate yourself by explaining that you did it diligently. However, there are several defences available. Prosecution is still required to prove all necessary elements of the allegation beyond reasonable doubt. Often, through effective cross-examination, we can demonstrate reasonable doubt and win! Do not risk being wrongfully convicted and let us help you.


Speeding convictions, like any other traffic tickets, are registered on your driving record for 3 years and may affect your insurance rates. Penalties for speeding violations includes a fine, demerit points and in some situations license suspension.

  • 0 to 15 kilometres over the speed limit 0 demerit points
  • 16 to 29 kilometres over the speed limit 3 demerit points
  • 30 to 49 kilometres over the speed limit 4 demerit points
  • 50 and more kilometres over the speed limit 6 demerit points

If you are a novice driver with a G2 licence, there are hidden penalties! Being convicted of a speeding violation that carries 4 demerit points or more in a single ticket will result in an automatic licence suspension. Driving 50 km/hr over the limit presents a risk of being charged with more serious offence of Stunt Driving.

There are two types of traffic tickets that can be issued to the offender - offence notice and summons to defendant. Offence notice has fine amount filled in and provides several options at the back of the ticket including payment of the ticket. Summons to defendant require charged person to appear in court and answer to the charge. If you received summons to defendant your penalties may include large fine, license suspension and even a period of jail.

Police conduct speed enforcement by obtaining a reading of your speed using a Radar, Laser or by comparing your vehicle speed to the reading of a certified speedometer in a police cruiser (Pace). Generally, Radar or Laser tickets are more reliable. Officers that use Radar or Laser are required to operate it in accordance with manufacturer's specifications. In many speeding trials it is found that officer was not using equipment properly resulting in dismissal of the charge. Generally, speeding prosecution is not very complex but requires thorough knowledge of radar/laser operations. Do not make a costly mistake and let professionals help you.

If you received a speeding ticket, Traffic Law Paralegal Services is dedicated to fight for you. We always offer a free consultation. Call (905)206-9080 and fight your tickets today.


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Traffic Law Paralegal Services has been defending traffic violations and summary criminal offences in Ontario for almost two decades.

At Traffic Law you will receive experienced and competent representation fighting traffic and criminal charges (summary offences). Most common allegations include careless driving tickets, stunt driving, no insurance and more.

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