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Brampton Traffic Tickets | Traffic Law Paralegal Services

Trained paralegal will utilize the experience of successfully defending Brampton traffic charges to protect your driving records and minimize its impact on your insurance rates. Many clients come to us to fight Brampton traffic tickets when resolution is just not an option. To successfully defend a traffic violation it takes experience, knowledge of the law and good reputation. Brampton court is one of the courts that we serve on a daily basis and is a very busy courthouse. Sometimes, filing a traffic ticket in Brampton Courthouse, could take hours of wasted time in line. We have been providing a reliable and trusted traffic ticket representation for many years and can help you achieve your results. Experience fighting Brampton traffic tickets has been recognized by clients, prosecutors and Justices.

Fighting Brampton traffic ticket

If you received a Brampton traffic ticket please complete a traffic ticket consultation to discuss a strategy of fighting your violation. Most common violations in Brampton provincial court are stop sign tickets, driving without insurance, careless driving tickets and many others. After a free evaluation of your case we will develop a strategy and implement it to defend your case. Something immaterial to you maybe a considerable legal avenue to beat your allegation. Identification of all relevant factors in your case is a start of the defense process.

Conviction for a traffic ticket may result in significant consequences such as:

  • Loss of Demerit Points
  • Significant insurance increase
  • Conviction on your driving record
  • Licence suspension
  • Period of jail sentence

Do not risk being convicted in error and get a professional paralegal to protect your record. Call for a free consultation today (905)206-9080.

About Traffic Law Paralegal Services

Serhiy Senatorov is an owner of Traffic Law Paralegal Services, former vice-president of Licensed Paralegals Association (Ontario), former vice-president and one of the founding board members of the Ontario Paralegals Association and a regular speaker on continuing professional development in a legal community.

Serhiy Senatorov is providing trusted and reliable defense in Ontario and confident to help you.

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